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Thursday, December 18, 2008

special post for I:N:T:A:N..~~

hye bloggers!!!erm...this post is specially dedicated for cute and sweet princess of uncle ismawi and aunty anna...

its for u intan!!hehe...what can i say about this little girl???i've met her less than 10 times...but i'm stuck in her!!hehe..

ADORABLE??is it??hehe..yes..she is adorable..yet cheerful and kinda naughty..*wink2*..hehe..what ever it is,thanx to uncle ismawi and aunty anna for creating such a lovely little princess named intan..!!without u guyz, i won't be able to meet INTAN and also my dear DANNY..hik3..

p/s : to intan-ok x??hehe...


eliya said...

kreatif giler
untung danny
future wife die syg family die
hope danny jgk cam 2
may Allah give both of u the best feeling and the best love..

p/s : bg aku niece n nephew yg bnyk n comel eh..

farhanasumiran said...

ayo hajar...tggi cite2 tuh..hik2...insyaAllah..ko pun same!!!bia kekal ngn abg ko..hehe