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Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best friends always and forever

Best friends for life, that’s You and I,
Eternally blessed, every day that goes by.
Sobbing through sad times, laughing through fun,
Trusting each other, since our friendship begun.

Fondest memories, of years gone by,
Reassuringly, knowing, Our friendship wont die.
In times of trouble, there’s me and You,
Each challenge arisen, we’ve made it through.
Nights full of laughter, outweigh the tears,
Doubting each other, NEVER, in years.
Stronger and stronger, Our friendship grows,

For You my friend, my love overflows.
Opposites attract, but we’re two of a kind,
Respect of the highest form, ever to find.

Lucky and grateful, for the day that we met,
It’s a friendship so special. For lifetime it’s set.
Forever and always, right up ’til the end,
Everlasting love and respect, for my best ever friends..


miss AIN said... fren kinda more important den ur special 1