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Saturday, December 4, 2010

hey guys!
nothing much to say..
juz rs hepi gle dpt jumpe blik bff ms kat skola dlu..
lame gle kot x jumpe!!!!
kecewe sket sbb Malya ngn Hana tade..

~Me,Zaf, Nany,Dla~

Die slalu ade utk sy!

Si bijak pandai Dla~

No matter where we go and what we do after this, u guys are part of my life~
Love u guys!
Nnt kte wat bachelorette party b4 aku kawen keyh!!
p/ da gelabah..tggl 5 bulan je lg..tolong2!!!



.:padie_eyla:. said...

21.5!!! yeyeyeyyy!!!

Enriuel said...

ouch!.jgn tinggal aku weh.jgn kawin.:(.haha.make it happen tau!.party harus kene on.

all da best with ur preparation!!

Anonymous said...

wah steamboat kat mane tuh... macam best je