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Sunday, October 3, 2010


''don't waste your time on someone who isn't willing to waste their time on u''

p/s:i'm so grateful as im spending most of my quality time with someone who is willing to spend his time with me..:)



junior kpz said...

bestnye klau gelfren sy romantik mcm akak... Ni x... Klau sy romantik sikit nanti dia kate geli... Sabar je lh... Huhuhu

farhanasumiran said...

jgn merungut..
name pun pasangan..
mestila ade kontra die..
klu same je x best gak kn??
ape pun, ingat blik nape awk trime die at the first place..
jgn pk nape die mcm ni..nape die mcm tu..
klu bole,trime seadenye..

you know who said...

awk tau kenape llki senang suke dkt awk? Sbab awk manja, sweet, funny & your face make people feel ease.

farhanasumiran said...

to i dont knw who u r~
i take it as a compliment..
this is me..
besides my family n frens, my FIANCEE is my evrythg..
All of the characteristics u stated above are created by them n will alwys b 4 them..:)

you know who said...

saye suka awk.
awk suka saye?
saye taw awk suka saye tapi awk dah terikat.
am i right?

Enriuel said...

syndrom orang nak naik pelamin.
jiwang!> haha.
btw,congrats bff!
cant wait, may 2011..:)

Fantasy Bundle said...

Hai sis.jom singgah.ada dress dan blouse yang murah serendah harga RM20 kat sini